Choosing A Gaming Mouse

Choosing the best gaming mice for any review can be difficult especially when there are a massive amount of products available especially for this purpose. So the question comes down to which mouse do you choose?  There are just so many options that it can be overwhelming and a bit baffling, especially when some mice have so many added extras.

Chances are you will never use the majority of features that many mice possess unless you are a hardened gamer so how do you choose?

Simply put, many users will base their buying decision on two things;

  1. Price – If people can’t afford to buy a certain mice they won’t buy it.  It’s a limited factor which almost everyone uses to whittle down their options almost immediately.
  2. Reviews – The next most commonly used factor will be user reviews from reputable sources.  These can be in the form of reviews on sales pages or from trusted review sites. The Logitech G602 wireless gaming mouse has had rave reviews recently.  Either option is great for determining if a PC gaming mouse is worth buying.

Here’s an example of a video review of a gaming mouse –

There are other factors which can be taken into account such as the features.  These features can include anti-ghosting, almost certainly DPI settings, macro settings and customisation of colors to name but a few.

Some have found that the Logitech wireless combo MK520 mouse has the perfect combination of buttons and features and many gamers will actually use this as a gaming mouse, despite it not being classed as one.

Ultimately it will be down to personal preference to see which mouse will fit their needs and no matter what other people say and write about certain products the user must feel comfortable with the price and the features.

An good example is the Redragon M601 gaming mouse review.


Whatever you choose you’ll also want to make sure that if you ever need to send it back that it’ll be safe in transit.  If you ever need to send it back, make sure to use a trusted supplier of packaging materials such as as they will be able to assist you with any postage questions you may have.  Covering a wide variety of options from padded envelopes through to Mail Lite bags and postage sacks.